Doing With Purpose

I may not be a daily blogger (or weekly, or monthly for that matter) but as we cycle through the final (short and mostly dark) day of 2014, I can’t help but reflect upon the previous year and look ahead to the future. 2014 started with a great deal of uncertainty, and so I decided… Read More

Git Frost

Because this is how my morning is going, I decided to commemorate it with a poem: Edit: Title suggested by @0x56, thanks! The Branch Not Maintained Purchase a copy of the poster here Two branches diverged in a project on Git, And sorry I could not push to both And be one designer, long I… Read More

Keep Moving Forward

Keep Moving Forward

It’s that time of year where New Year’s Resolution posts are popping up all over the internet, and within my own personal and professional circle is no exception. I am very proud of and inspired by all of the goals and aspirations I have read, and I wish all of you success in your endeavors…. Read More

On Bathroom UX

I travel a lot within the US. By car, by bus, by plane, by foot. And because of this, I’ve become somewhat of a seasoned user of American public restrooms. From dirty gas stations to swanky hotels, classic fixtures to modern art pieces, falling-apart to high-tech, I’ve seen it all (except for Japanese toilets, that… Read More

Creativity and the Digital Divide

This past June, I had the opportunity to attend the HOW Design Conference, which is one of the few times I get out of my WordPress bubble and hang out with a variety of designers across multiple disciplines. I had coordinated with a group of designers from around the country to stay together in an… Read More

On The Division Of Labor

I used Git for the first time last night, to push some meeting notes from the 3themes project up to our shared repository on GitHub. Despite using a GUI called SourceTree, I still felt “as confused and overwhelmed as a grandma using email,” especially when I attempted to do some command line stuff. I’ll get… Read More