The shows, podcasts, panels, and other talking head productions around the internet on which I have been a guest.

Women in WP Podcast

Coming August 5th!

How I Built It – Michelle Schulp and Staying Fit While Freelancing

Michelle Schulp is a fantastic web designer in the WordPress space – you make have seen her work on the WP Hierarchy chart. Recently she’s launched a new initiative talking about fitness and freelancing. Last week we touched a bit on mental health. This week we’re going to dive into physical health, especially when running your own business.

BoldLife 2.0 – Michelle Schulp – Make Your Design Look Like You Did It On Purpose

Michelle Schulp, design expert and owner of Marktime Media joins us to share her wisdom about Web Design principals and creating great slide presentations.

The New Marketing Show: Talking WordPress Design & UX with Michelle Schulp

The boys chat with Michelle about her design background, her extensive WordPress knowledge, different WordCamps around the country and more. She touches on the WordPress community as well as how and why she became involved. Advanced design principles such as designing for functionality and the value of being able to answer “why” to your clients is also covered.

iThemes Webinar Series: When to DIY and When To Hire

In this webinar, design expert Michelle Schulp will unmask the “magic” of web design and learn to ask constructive questions, give useful feedback, and develop a collaborative relationship that will benefit both of your businesses.

iThemes Webinar Series: How to Speak Unicorn – Understanding the Language of Design

In this webinar, Michelle Schulp will explain how to have a better conversation about design and apply that knowledge to your own site. She will also outline some simple methods to avoid “fail points” along the way.

WP&UP: Being active whilst working with WordPress

Michelle Schulp works with WordPress, but places her physical health front and centre. She makes sure that she’s working hard, whilst providing time to get up and move. She talks to me about why she thinks your physical health and productivity are interconnected and how you might begin your journey towards being more active if you need to.

WPblab: The importance of visual branding

In this episode, Jason and Bridget chat with @Michelle Schulp from about how branding can make or break your business.

WPMRR: Thriving as an independent designer

Websites aren’t just pages on the internet, they are content displays…and that’s why great design is important. Michelle tells us how she leverages jobs as portfolio building learning opportunities, makes an impact as a keynote speaker, and does all this while still living a healthy lifestyle by prioritizing diet and exercise – even if that means being late to work!

Matt Report: Michelle Schulp on running an independent business

In this episode, Matt Medeiros wraps up the season interviewing Michelle Schulp from Marktime Media In Minneapolis.

UNStrategic: The Millennial Designer (Strategy Talk with Michelle Schulp)

Talking design strategy with Michelle Schulp of Marktime Media.