The Question

This is not one of those posts where I pretend to have an answer. Today, dear reader, I come to you with a question. Possibly one of the oldest questions humanity has struggled with, after “is that food?” and “can… Read More

How Do You Do It?

Over the past week, I was the lead organizer for WordCamp Minneapolis, where I gave three original workshop talks as part of our first ever Foundation Friday, and was in charge of overseeing the logistics of the speaker dinner, afterparty, a… Read More

Friendship is Magic Complicated

As we struggle to find meaningful connections in a world where technology, society, and our own human nature work against us, I suggest that we embrace our imperfections and try to form relationships anyway.

On Bathroom UX

I travel a lot within the US. By car, by bus, by plane, by foot. And because of this, I’ve become somewhat of a seasoned user of American public restrooms. From dirty gas stations to swanky hotels, classic fixtures to… Read More

On The Division Of Labor

I used Git for the first time last night, to push some meeting notes from the 3themes project up to our shared repository on GitHub. Despite using a GUI called SourceTree, I still felt “as confused and overwhelmed as a… Read More