The Question

This is not one of those posts where I pretend to have an answer. Today, dear reader, I come to you with a question. Possibly one of the oldest questions humanity has struggled with, after “is that food?” and “can I procreate with that?” Many prominent philosophers have posited and pontificated on this premise (sorry,… Read More

How Do You Do It?

Over the past week, I was the lead organizer for WordCamp Minneapolis, where I gave three original workshop talks as part of our first ever Foundation Friday, and was in charge of overseeing the logistics of the speaker dinner, afterparty, a social brunch, and two days of multiple tracks sessions for over 400 attendees. Immediately following this,… Read More

Friendship is Magic Complicated

As we struggle to find meaningful connections in a world where technology, society, and our own human nature work against us, I suggest that we embrace our imperfections and try to form relationships anyway.

On Bathroom UX

I travel a lot within the US. By car, by bus, by plane, by foot. And because of this, I’ve become somewhat of a seasoned user of American public restrooms. From dirty gas stations to swanky hotels, classic fixtures to modern art pieces, falling-apart to high-tech, I’ve seen it all (except for Japanese toilets, that… Read More

Creativity and the Digital Divide

This past June, I had the opportunity to attend the HOW Design Conference, which is one of the few times I get out of my WordPress bubble and hang out with a variety of designers across multiple disciplines. I had coordinated with a group of designers from around the country to stay together in an… Read More

On The Division Of Labor

I used Git for the first time last night, to push some meeting notes from the 3themes project up to our shared repository on GitHub. Despite using a GUI called SourceTree, I still felt “as confused and overwhelmed as a grandma using email,” especially when I attempted to do some command line stuff. I’ll get… Read More