New Years

  • Performative Honesty

    Performative Honesty

    A retrospective on 2023 through the lens of genuine vs performative honesty, and looking ahead into a spiritual journey in 2024

  • Vulnerable Is Brave

    Vulnerable Is Brave

    A 2022 Retrospective on my chosen words, written throughout the year. The result is looking forwards and backwards, while trying to stay grounded in the present.

  • Belong To Yourself

    Belong To Yourself

    Finding connection in an age of social isolation, and finding belonging through learning to stand alone.

  • I Am Enough

    I Am Enough

    I tackle what is probably my most emotionally and philosophically challenging news years post yet, as I dive deeply into what it means to hold space for yourself.

  • Being And Becoming

    Being And Becoming

    A belated, but not forgotten, New Years reflection post. This year, I remind myself to not only strive for a better future self, but exist fully in the moment, now.

  • Grow Better Together

    Grow Better Together

    Another year, another New Years post, another chance to reflect on my life as it’s happened and map out a course for the future. This year, I look outside myself to find the community that can help me go far.

  • Practice Positive Presence

    Practice Positive Presence

    It’s become a tradition for me to participate in New Year posts that call for self-reflection, but I almost didn’t write this one, because self reflection has become such a crucial […]

  • Goal Setting From A Place Of Abundance

    Goal Setting From A Place Of Abundance

    Realizing the need to let go of old fears and embrace a kinder form of motivation in order to grow, I choose to Live Life Thoughtfully in 2016.

  • Doing With Purpose

    Doing With Purpose

    I may not be a daily blogger (or weekly, or monthly for that matter) but as we cycle through the final (short and mostly dark) day of 2014, I can’t […]

  • Keep Moving Forward

    Keep Moving Forward

    It’s that time of year where New Year’s Resolution posts are popping up all over the internet, and within my own personal and professional circle is no exception. I am […]