Front-End Valentines

Punny Valentines’ cards for the favorite Front-End Developer in your life, with link to the GitHub repository!

Gitting Busy

The last couple months have been busy ones for me on Github, as I continue to complete and iterate on personal projects and tools I can use for client work. This weekend, I finally added repositories for some of my biggest projects, and updated several others, and I wanted to share them with you here. Most… Read More

Git Frost

Because this is how my morning is going, I decided to commemorate it with a poem: Edit: Title suggested by @0x56, thanks! The Branch Not Maintained Purchase a copy of the poster here Two branches diverged in a project on Git, And sorry I could not push to both And be one designer, long I… Read More

Creativity and the Digital Divide

This past June, I had the opportunity to attend the HOW Design Conference, which is one of the few times I get out of my WordPress bubble and hang out with a variety of designers across multiple disciplines. I had coordinated with a group of designers from around the country to stay together in an… Read More

On The Division Of Labor

I used Git for the first time last night, to push some meeting notes from the 3themes project up to our shared repository on GitHub. Despite using a GUI called SourceTree, I still felt “as confused and overwhelmed as a grandma using email,” especially when I attempted to do some command line stuff. I’ll get… Read More