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Pixel Imperfect: A Practical Approach To Responsive Design

With seemingly endless new ways to browse the web, we know that responsive design is here to stay. But how do we adapt the traditional design process to flexible screen sizes, device-based restrictions, and multiple use-cases without feeling like we’re giving up all control to the great unknown? We’ll learn how to use our Problem Solving Superpowers to move away from creating endless mockups, and into crafting Design Systems. You’ll learn actionable methods to transform how you design for the web, and workable ways to present these designs to your team or your client.

Presented At:

DevFest MN - University of St. Thomas

Event Category:

Sat. Feb 4, 2017 to Sat. Feb 4, 2017

WordCamp Orange County 2017 - The Cove at UCI Applied Innovation

Event Category:

Sat. Jun 10, 2017 to Sun. Jun 11, 2017

WordCamp Seattle 2017 - Washington State Convention Center

Event Category:

Sat. Nov 4, 2017 to Sun. Nov 5, 2017