More Than Pixels: Becoming A User Experience Designer

As our tools and our deliverables move increasingly into the digital sphere, many graphic designers are hearing more about the field of UX, or User Experience. But what exactly is a “UX Designer”? The IxDF defines UX Design as “the process design teams use to create products that provide meaningful and relevant experiences to users” which includes research, strategy, ideation, and creative output – not just to make something look great, but to make someone’s experience better.

This session presents a path forward into UX for design professionals looking to broaden their perspective from the world of pixels to the world of people. We will discuss how graphic design and visual communication skills translate to the field of user experience, the new mindsets we need to embrace, and how user experience designers are uniquely positioned to succeed in a world of changing tools and technologies. Whether you’ve been thinking about transitioning your career, or your work has been edging into the design of interactive apps or websites, this session has something for you.