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Discovering Design: Break It Before You Build

Whether you have experience with design, development, or are ready to build your first theme, there is a lot of planning to be done before you open your favorite design program or code editor. WordPress themes are designed for two audiences: the end user (in the browser), and the site administrator (in the Dashboard), and it’s our job to account for both sets of needs. We will explore some workflows in the design and discovery process, including content mapping, wireframes and general WordPress logic. Whether you’re building a theme for yourself, for your client, or for sale, you can use these methods to build a map for your project before you begin.

Presented At:

WordCamp Omaha 2015 - MCC Fort Omaha Campus

Event Category:

Sat. Oct 10, 2015 to Sun. Oct 11, 2015

WordCamp Miami 2015 - Florida International University | School of Business

Event Category:

Fri. May 29, 2015 to Sun. May 31, 2015