Building Blocks: Atomic Design in a Gutenberg World

Gutenberg may be the latest and greatest in WordPress content building, but the concept of modular design isn’t new. WordPress templates and themes are robust and feature filled, but building truly dynamic web pages is limited by the old concept of static pages and posts. Modern web content needs to be flexible and evolving, but not everyone is a developer who can build custom layouts to fit each use case. Page builders, custom fields, drag and drop interfaces, and bespoke solutions have all tried their hand at solving the problem of separating the technical/design components from the content itself. But what is modular design, and what does it have to do with WordPress?

In this talk, we’ll discuss the principles of Atomic Design, how to stop thinking of your content as “pages” and “posts” in favor of the concept of “building blocks,” and how to extend this mindset to utilize the potential of Gutenberg and other similar tools as a web designer.