Building Blocks: Atomic Design in a Gutenberg World

Gutenberg may be the latest and greatest in WordPress content building, but the concept of modular design isn’t new. WordPress templates and themes are robust and feature filled, but building truly dynamic web pages is limited by the old concept of static pages and posts. Modern web content needs to be flexible and evolving, but… Read More

Beyond Whitespace: Designing for Complex Content (2016)

We’re all enamored with the minimalist websites that employ only the most essential use of color, images, and space. But what happens when the volume of information can’t be boiled down to something that simple? We’ll explore how to use design principles to organize and display elaborate user experiences like mega-menus, massive news sites, high-information… Read More

Discovering Design: Break It Before You Build

Whether you have experience with design, development, or are ready to build your first theme, there is a lot of planning to be done before you open your favorite design program or code editor. WordPress themes are designed for two audiences: the end user (in the browser), and the site administrator (in the Dashboard), and… Read More

How To Speak Unicorn: Improving Designer/Developer Collaboration

It seems that designers and developers speak different languages: developers are fluent in How, while designers are fluent in Why. Both are extremely important to a project, but this difference often leads to communication breakdowns. This talk will give developers insight into the design process, including vocabulary, problem solving methods, and workflow, and outline some… Read More

Intro to the WordPress Ecosystem

A basic overview of the WordPress software, WordPress businesses, and getting involved in the WordPress community both online and offline.

WORKSHOP: A Website Is Not A Poster

In the world of print, designers have control over every point and pica, but with all the variables inherent to the web, that same desire for control leads to headaches, frustration, and bad practices. You will learn specific guidelines to let go of that control and design more effectively for the web, as well as… Read More

Stop Making Things Pretty And Start Designing

Design is not just about themes, graphics, or the look-and-feel of a website. We will discuss “design thinking” as a problem solving strategy, including why the most beautiful sites are not always the most successful. We will end with some ways for you to start applying “design thinking” principles to your own projects.