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I am an independent visual communications designer relocated from Chicago to Minneapolis, and I run Marktime Media where I do Visual Design, Presentation Design, and WordPress Theme Development for my clients. In what passes for “spare time” I am involved with AIGA Minnesota and Girl Develop It. I am a WordCamp and Meetup Groupie, traveling around the country attending, volunteering, and speaking at events. When it’s warm, I love to ride my bike around the extensive urban trail system here in Minneapolis. I get less sleep than I should (but more than I could), and my office isn’t messy, it’s organized chaos.

This site is always a work in progress, but my hope is for it to become a place where I can aggregate my entire online presence, enable people to connect with me easily, showcase some cool stuff I’ve been up to, and share my thoughts occasionally. And probably fill the page with more pink than one website should reasonably allow.

If you want to bug me, feel free to reach out via my social links and Get In Touch

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Practice Positive Presence

It’s become a tradition for me to participate in New Year posts that call for self-reflection, but I almost didn’t write this one, because self reflection has become such a crucial component of my day-to-day life. Still, I’ll admit it’s nice to press publish for posterity, and it’s fascinating to go back and read the words… Read More


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